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‘Sunday the 16th November. The group held a ‘HGV drivers view of the world’ event hosted by A.V.Dawson Haulage of
Middlesbrough. 26 folk turned out on a misty day to experience what the view is like from the cab of a HGV. Motorbikes were positioned around a HGV to see where the blind spots are so as to give rides and drivers a better understanding of where they should position themselves so that a HGV driver can see them and be aware of where they are. I believe that everyone present took something away with them that should make for safer riding and driving. Several folk had a drive of a HGV around Dawson’s yard which by the way is huge and managed to cross another event off their bucket list. Many thanks go to A.V.Dawson and to Allan North (a group member) who entertained us.’

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