Question 1. Do I need to pay for anything else?

  • Yes. As of January 1st 2007 we will be asking associates for a £10.00 contribution per ride towards the running costs of their observer’s machine

Question 2. Will I be pushed to ride faster than I am comfortable with?

  • No. You will ride at a pace at which you are comfortable, although you will become quicker as you learn the skills of Advanced riding.

Question 3. Can I bring a friend?

  • Friends are most welcome on our social rides, if you bring a pillion then that’s OK too. We would ask you not to bring friends or pillions when undergoing training though.

Question 4. How long do the training sessions take?

  • We generally have a session which last for an hour to an hour and a half during which you will stop at a safe place a couple of times along the way and get feedback from your Observer and then carry on with your ride. We will then stop for coffee and mark your Progress Book and make constructive comments, and points to work on before your next session.

Question 5. What sort of events do you have?

  • Some members were invited to take part in CleveTrek which is an annual event organized by Cleveland Police for Police Officers and Guests from all over the U.K.
  • Social Rides (which all have several coffee / lunch stops each) are organized most weekends during the biking year, there are nutters who will turn out in all weathers but numbers are highest when the weather is good, we’ve had up to twenty bikes at times….
    and of course we are open to suggestions at any time for things like Bike Shows etc.

Question 6. What are the ladies / lads like?

  • We all enjoy a good laugh, we come from all walks of life, youngest friends are in their teens, the eldest being a young lady who is the mother of one of our Observers who comes along as a Pillion on Social rides, (see Ride Out Photos) of course I can’t discuss her age but she retired a good while ago and she doesn’t take any lip either so watch out if you’re feeling cheeky!