Spain 2018

C.A.M trip to the Picos Mountains in Spain 11th May 2018

On Wednesday the 9th of May the group met up for an evening meal and to discuss the itinerary, preparations, clear up any last minute queries and make final arrangements for meeting up ready for the off on the 11th.

A group of 9 members on 7 bikes (3 BMW’s, 3 Honda’s and 1 Suzuki) left Exleby services on the A19 at 10:10 and after a trouble free dry ride of over 300 miles we arrived at the Premier Inn in Portsmouth for an overnight stay.

The following morning we boarded the ferry for the 30 hour crossing to Bilbao, the Bay of Biscay was a little bumpy but nothing to concern hardy bikers. We arrived at the port the following afternoon and set off for our accommodation in Llanes (Yanes) where we met the 10th member of the group who was riding a Triumph.

Monday 14th May 2018

On the first of our planned rides the weather was quite cloudy and a little wet but eventually the cloud cleared and the day became bright and sunny. We travelled to Covadonga for our first refreshment stop before heading further into the mountains where we were treated to magnificent views.

Over the next week the conditions continued in a similar vein with temperatures as high as 21c.

Tuesday 15th May 2018

A ride up to Mirador El Fitu view point where the views of the spectacular snow capped mountains and valleys awaited us and gave fantastic photo opportunities. We then continued on the winding roads through numerous towns and villages back to our accommodation.

Wednesday 16th May 2018

We set off in the direction of Riano again passing through towns and villages too numerous to mention. Fortunately the only thing that didn’t change was the scenery with every turn presenting a different and more spectacular vista. One view in particular was that of a dam and the deep gorge beyond. Unfortunately, because of the geography of the area, it was not possible to stop for photos. On the demanding roads progress was quite sedate, with very little opportunity to get out of 2nd gear, hence the reason it took 9 hours (including rest stops) to travel the 180 miles.

Thursday 17th May 2018

A day of rest to explore Llanes and it’s lovely beaches and also giving us the chance to enjoy a couple of refreshing beers.

Friday 18th May 2018

A day spent on much quicker roads gave the chance to use higher gears on sweeping bends.
The food everywhere was reasonably priced and good, it also included wine.

Saturday 19th May 2018

Our last day and we will be heading to Santander for the crossing back to Portsmouth arriving Sunday for our overnight stay before travelling back to Teesside on Monday.
All in all we had a great week enjoying good roads, fantastic scenery and good company.

A special thank you goes to our social secretary Ann Atkinson for the work she has done in organising the trip from booking the ferries and hotel to plotting / planning the routes as well as leading the rides. A great week Ann, a massive thanks from the whole group.

Tour De Dales Sunday 10th May 2015.

Tour De Dales Sunday 10th May 2015.

This was the group’s second ride out of 2015. Setting off from Conyers, Yarm.

The skies were a bit grey and the roads a little damp but we had 9 bikes, one with a pillion. Our lead rider for the day was Andy Varga. Tail end Charlie was Robin.

Our first stop of the day was to be the biker cafe, on the main street in Hawes. We headed off from Yarm on to Richmond and after a new route through Richmond we made progress west to Reeth, on route we came across one of the many large puddles of the day. We meandered our way up Swaledale via Muker to find our turn off on the left, then up and over the Buttertubs Pass and down in to Hawes.

Busy as always with bikers and cyclists the sun was trying it’s best to shine with the temperature getting to a comfortable level for the time of year. At Hawes two bikes had to return to Teesside ( work commitments ) so the rest of us headed off again west, this next section of road from Hawes to the Ribblehead Viaduct is a fine section of fine sweeping bends and great views over the moors, next on to Ingleton to bear left on the A65, not a bad road but busy and a lot of double white lines so it was steady progress down in to Skipton, passing on the way, canals and wet lands, keeping the dales on our left, just north of Skipton we doubled back on ourselves using the A6265 to the A6160 to the normal stop off at Kettlewell, but on this occasion we pressed on over the tops with some more of those big puddles; it must have chucked it down over night but we had no rain whilst we were riding. For our next stop we ended up at the manor cafe at Bellerby for an afternoon cuppa which, was much welcomed.

Here we all thanked Andy for a great days riding, and followed him back to Conyers, with bikes leaving the group as and when they wanted to. I clocked about 170 miles in total.