logo2These will take the form of accompanied rides out with a Qualified Observer over a local route.

At the end of the Session, which will last for about an hour, a constructive de-brief and advice will be given (if needed) which will cover areas for potential improvement.

We ask for a £10 fuel contribution to the observer for these sessions.

For the initial assessed ride, we ask for a fee of £25. This is then reimbursed if you purchase an Advanced Rider Course package.

So why are we doing it and what do we get out of it?

Our aim is to pass on to you some pieces of advice that will help you become a better rider. If your riding ability improves, the chance of you becoming another casualty statistic is greatly reduced.

How many times have you been out for a ride and thought “that was close”, that corner was tighter than you thought, unexplained debris on the road or had a close shave with another road user? Although it may not have been your fault it may have been avoidable with a little more knowledge, a riding ‘Tip.’

It is not a test and whatever your ability, it’s possible you could benefit from riding with us, you have nothing to lose. Contact us through our contacts page.