New for 2019! £50 Cashback Offer!

If you sign up for the IAM Advanced Rider course through the website and take your training with CAM, then once you have taken your IAM test CAM will reimburse you £50! This brings the cost of the IAM course down to just £99!
(The normal assessed ride cost of £10 per ride still applies)


The “Advanced Rider Course” Advanced Motorcycling programme includes the following :-

  • A copy of the IAM’s Advanced Driving/Motorcycling Manual.
  • Associate membership of one of the many local IAM Groups.
  • A place on one of their courses to prepare for the IAM Test.
  • The IAM Advanced Test.
  • Your First Years Membership of the IAM after passing the Advanced Test.

I’ve heard this sort of thing is expensive!

bikeskillforlifesYou may have heard figures in the order of £200, £300, or even more.
However, don’t believe what people tell you. Before we give you the full details of the actual cost, ask yourself how much your “No Claims Bonus” discount and your “Policy Excess” is (i.e. how much of any claim on your vehicle insurance you have to pay yourself) for your current vehicle Insurance. Bear that figure in mind.

The full costs give the truth of the matter. You could have passed the IAM Advanced Test and have become an Advanced Motorcyclist and a Member of the IAM for £149.
(Please note a charge of £10 per ride will be levied to cover the observers expenses)


Join the IAM through “Advanced Rider Course” Advanced Motorcycling programme.
The all-inclusive cost to take the Test through a local IAM Group under the “Advanced Rider Course” Advanced Motorcycling programme. £149 (including VAT)
To sign up for the “Advanced Rider Course” program.


or contact Cleveland Advanced Motorcyclists

Tel: 0870 765 8841 or 07787451989

Cost to continue as an IAM Member in subsequent years
To maintain your IAM Membership there is an annual membership fee which is :- £32 per annum
Note: The IAM Membership Fee quoted above for subsequent years does not, as an IAM member, include any membership of CAM. We are a separate organisation (though we are affiliated to the IAM as the National organisation) and so we have our own Membership Fees.