Cleveland Advanced Motorcyclists welcme-top_ranim2is one of the longest established I.A.M. motorcycle groups in the country. We are a group run by Bikers for Bikers and proud of our achievements, over the last 15 years we have been providing training and assistance to hundreds of motorcyclists throughout the North East of England helping them to pass the Institute of Advanced Motorists Motorcycle Test.

We offer one to one based coaching, under the umbrella of the I.A.M’s Advanced Rider Course initiative, to raise the skills of associates to a level that will enable them to pass the I.A.M. Advanced Motorcycle Test. The I.A.M. test is the only test recognised by all motorcycle insurers.

Motorcyclists who have passed the Advanced test are at least 7 times less likely to be involved in a serious road traffic accident.


As we enjoy Charitable status, the cost is surprisingly low, only £149 which includes your test fee, course books and all training materials.

For the initial assessed ride, we ask for a fee of £25. This is reimbursed if you subsequently purchase an Advanced Rider Course  package through the website. For each observed ride after the initial, we ask for a donation of £10 for the observers expenses.